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  1. Cuban Cigar

    If anyone knows were I can list a few items for sell I would be in
    1 Cohiba Gran Reserva
    1 MonteCristo Gran Reserva
    2 Cohiba 1966
    2 Cohiba Behike 54
    2 Cohiba Behike 52
    1 Cohiba maduro Genions
    1 Johnny walker the John walker
    1 Johnny walker 200th anniversary
    Havana Club Rums
  2. Citizen Agency

    I own an ad agency on the side and just thought it might be cool to start a blog to show some of the stuff we do. We do some media buying and some radio production, but we really focus mostly on video production. I'm going to try to get some pictures of our sets when we are shooting commercials and then post the final spot as well. I have a few things from the past that I can get started with that I'll try to get rounded up and posted over the weekend. To get it kicked off here is a picture of one ...
  3. Project Humidor Re-Stock

    This is just a blog where I can record the journey I am now on to re-build the contents of my once fairly healthy footlocker humidor. At the top of my cigar smoking life, I had three humidors and I had about 400 cigars. Yeah, I know this isn't very many compared to a lot of people that post here, but it's a good amount to me.

    This journey is NOT about people sending me cigars. I don't want any of that sort of thing to happen. I may request someone to buy some cigars that are expensive ...

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  4. Cigar Inn

    The Cigar Inn
    1016 2nd Ave, New York, NY

    Love this place. Got put on by two friends that frequent this fine establishment. They rent a box there were they're able to store cigars , bottles, etc. It's such a laid back yet upscaled atmosphere. The service is great. The selection is amazing. I would highly recommend visiting.
  5. Smoke Sceen

    Just felt like sharing one of my fav cigar spots in the city. It's called Smoke Scene. It's located at 845 7th Ave. The prices are good (especially for the city). The service is good and they have a fairly large section. Aside from cigars they also have lighters, magazines and cool collectables.
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