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  1. Love My New Apartment

    Well it has been almost a week since we officially moved in now and I love it here.

    Still have boxes everywhere but that is how it goes when you downsize you living quarters. I smell a garage sale or a trip to the local Goodwill coming. If I haven't touched in in a year it is going. Time to get rid of some of this shit.
    Also have our very own garage with auto-opener and we were able to dump the old storage room and it's high climate controlled price. This one is larger than ...
  2. Friday Excursion

    I took a much needed vacation day on Friday and spent the afternoon at Wakulla Springs State Park and the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge. It was a gorgeous day and I got to see quite a bit of wildlife.

    Wakulla Springs is just south of Tallahassee and is home of the worlds largest, deepest fresh water springs. They offer an hour long “Jungle Boat” tour that takes you down the river to see the local fauna. Growing up in Tallahassee, I’ve done the tour several times, but this was ...
  3. She is a Keeper!

    I hope to make the ONLINE HERF tomorrow night. Depends on what time we leave for dinner. I am taking my fiance out to eat steaks tomorrow night at Texas Land and Cattle. After all she is getting a box of one of my favs... Tatuaje La Riqueza robusto... and a xikar cutter and xikar soft flame lighter and a new Nording pipe and she is replacing my bjarne' that I had an unfortunate accident with and destroyed. Man I Loved that pipe. OK I got off topic but I am hyped up on caffeine and this CAO maduro ...

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  4. Upcoming Box Splits - Fumadores & Famous NICs

    Note to self:

    Next box splits I would like to do are fumadores & Famous NICs.

    Link to Fumadores

    Need to insert link to Famous NICs here.

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  5. Up late having a smoke

    I went to sleep too early tonight and woke up around 11:00 PM.
    Loaded a bowl of RLP6 in the pipe and it just didn't give me the kick I needed although it is my favorite pipe tobacco so far. So, I went to the cigar humi and picked out a La Aurora Barrel aged churchill. Just burnt my fingers on this one. Not the greatest cigar but good enough to make me want to keep a few on hand for when I have a semi-sweet tooth and want to taste that liquor flavor from the barrel aging. =)

    This ...

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