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  1. Upcoming Box Splits - Fumadores & Famous NICs

    Note to self:

    Next box splits I would like to do are fumadores & Famous NICs.

    Link to Fumadores

    Need to insert link to Famous NICs here.

    Updated 01-18-2010 at 02:05 AM by EdgeMan

  2. Up late having a smoke

    I went to sleep too early tonight and woke up around 11:00 PM.
    Loaded a bowl of RLP6 in the pipe and it just didn't give me the kick I needed although it is my favorite pipe tobacco so far. So, I went to the cigar humi and picked out a La Aurora Barrel aged churchill. Just burnt my fingers on this one. Not the greatest cigar but good enough to make me want to keep a few on hand for when I have a semi-sweet tooth and want to taste that liquor flavor from the barrel aging. =)

    This ...

    Updated 01-18-2010 at 01:02 AM by EdgeMan

  3. Good Inexpensive Fumadores

    Quote Originally Posted by ashauler View Post
    Fumadores, roughly $2 / stick. Holts is the only place that has them though.
    This is a "note to self" blog entry. Smoked one of these tonight and they are really good for the price.
  4. Witches

    There were voices coming from my garage where I have an efficiency apartment that I occasionally rent to unsuspecting drifters. The girl who resides out there now seemed nice enough until last night. I walked past and could see several cars in the street and as I approached the garage I smelled incense and saw the flickering of candles. So naturally I decided to invade her privacy to investigate. I entered through a door within the storage room and quietly looked in. It was what I could only ...

    Updated 12-22-2009 at 08:05 PM by FranK

  5. Fark and Friends

    I was just relaxing the other night when who should arrive for a visit.....Fark. He had brought a young lady with him and she wondered if it would be alright if her dog came in. I agreed and hinted around that perhaps she and her dog could initiate some sort of "performance" for Fark and myself. She eventually agreed and I cleaned up afterwards. Still feeling a bit tense I lit a Macanudo and reflected upon what I just experienced....and YES, Fark went home after the show.
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