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  1. Cigar Inn

    The Cigar Inn
    1016 2nd Ave, New York, NY

    Love this place. Got put on by two friends that frequent this fine establishment. They rent a box there were they're able to store cigars , bottles, etc. It's such a laid back yet upscaled atmosphere. The service is great. The selection is amazing. I would highly recommend visiting.
  2. Smoke Sceen

    Just felt like sharing one of my fav cigar spots in the city. It's called Smoke Scene. It's located at 845 7th Ave. The prices are good (especially for the city). The service is good and they have a fairly large section. Aside from cigars they also have lighters, magazines and cool collectables.
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  3. Padron Project - a few more

    I added a Delicias Natural, a 2000 Natural, and Serie 1926 80 Years Natural, which I know is a special release, but I couldn't help it. Look at it. Could you? And I can get the Maduro.
    I'll be putting further additions as comments on this post. I think I'm hogging the blogs up, otherwise.

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  4. Padron Project

    I went to a Padron event at one of my local B&Ms a couple of months ago. I really hadn't had much experience with the Padron line outside of five or six of the "Padron Series", generally referred to, I think, as the Thousand series.
    I bought a fair amount of their higher end cigars and smoked one of the 1964 Anniversary cigars in a Natural. I was so taken by this cigar that I have decided to collect one each of their whole catalog in both Natural and Maduro. Just something to ...
  5. Jump Spark Lighter

    Quote Originally Posted by mofbreger View Post
    About 10 years ago I wandered into a cigar shop in Chicago and purchased a cigar. I can remember asking him for matches, he asked me if I was going to go ahead and smoke and fliped open this big stationary lighter that now take to be a Jump Spark Lighter. Anyone have any information on them?? What fuel or oil do they burn?? From what I have found online they were made around 1930's.
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