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Mystery Cigars

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Last night as I was leaving for one of the local pubs to sip some scotch, I opened the humidor, reached in and pulled out a neat little cigar (5” x 48 maybe?). It had one of those “curly heads”, that had been cut down to a nub, and a dark brown, semi oily wrapper. No label what so ever, but I said what the heck and took it for the trip.

It smoked beautifully. It had dark grey, heavy ashes; a smooth - almost refreshing smoke; and a perfectly even burn. I have no idea where it came from, or how to get more, and you know what? It doesn’t matter. Sometimes mystery cigars can be amazing smokes. Take away all the marketing hype, and enjoy the cigar for what it is.

I think I need to get into blind taste testing.

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  1. bigwhiteash's Avatar
    I both love and hate that situation!

    Funny how the presence or absence of a little strip of paper can affect the entire cigar smoking experience!
  2. ashauler's Avatar
    Yep, a bittersweet experience for sure. Hey, maybe I should start up the blind review pass again.....that was kinda fun. Summer might not be the best time for a pass though.....but it is kinda slow around here.
  3. cigarsarge's Avatar
    I think you may have got that one from me...Sounds like one of the Johnny O's I traded you awhile back.