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It really ticks me off when...

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you blow a timing belt and it ruins an engine. Damn new-fangled Interference motors suck!
Beware. Never buy a car with an interference motor. If you lose a timing belt then you probably have damaged valves and cylinder walls, etc.

I was driving peacefully down the road to go have a smoke at Fumee's and stock up my new locker when all of a sudden, in a matter of seconds, my car dies. It felt like I ran out of gas... hmmm a full tank... It also felt like it does sometimes when an alternator finally gives way and takes the battery with it... I just lost power... "Scotty! Give it all you've got!".

I had it towed to the nearest Kia dealership and they asked me what happened ( without ever looking at the car yet ) and I told them what it did and they said promptly "you need a new engine". I was in shock. They will not tell you this when purchasing the car but the guys in service know all about it. I mean what kind of salesman would say "Oh, and by the way, If your timing belt ever breaks you will need a new motor. Just thought I would be kind enough to let you in on that Mr. Customer." NOT!

Final verdict.. NEVER... repeat... NEVER buy an automobile that has an "interference motor".


PS: If you already own a car that has one of these gems then by all means get the damn timing belt changed way before it is recommended!

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  1. Paddy's Avatar
    Kia = Killed in action
  2. kevin7's Avatar
    jeesh old assed ford escorts had that type of POS motor. Ive had a timing belt let go on my old 79 capri with a ford 2.3. Thing let go coming up in 2 nd turning about 5500 rpm,didnt hurt a thing