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Padron Project

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I went to a Padron event at one of my local B&Ms a couple of months ago. I really hadn't had much experience with the Padron line outside of five or six of the "Padron Series", generally referred to, I think, as the Thousand series.
I bought a fair amount of their higher end cigars and smoked one of the 1964 Anniversary cigars in a Natural. I was so taken by this cigar that I have decided to collect one each of their whole catalog in both Natural and Maduro. Just something to do.
That's 76 cigars. Once I've collected all of them, and the first one bought becomes a year old, I'm going on a Padron binge. The ones I bought at the event will be bought again as I'm planning on smoking those long before this project ends!

I picked up the first one Saturday. I will update here as I go. More of a record for me to keep track of, but for anyone slightly interested, here's the list.

Padron Panatella Natural - 3/9/13 Will County Tobacco, Mokena, IL

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  1. ashauler's Avatar
    Just the current lines, right?
  2. ash13brook's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ashauler
    Just the current lines, right?
    Yes. At the event, they gave out a nice booklet that shows all of the regular line actual size. I assume there have been special editions here and there that stores generally wouldn't carry.
    I suppose I'm probably doing it partly to have an excuse to come to a screeching halt in front of every little tobacco store with a "Cigars" sign in the window to see if they have anything I want. And then use that excuse as an excuse to buy something whether they have Padrons or not.