Hoffman House Short Perfecto

This is a very well constructed beauty, provided for my enjoyment by our only non-smoking member. A big Thank You to Cinda

On to the review...

This little cigar is of outstanding construction, with no soft spots, fairly smooth, with very few small veins.
4-1/2" X 46, wrapped in a dark sun-grown Ecuadorian leaf, Dominican binder, Peruvian and Nicaraguan fillers, with a very old-school Cuban style band.. quite striking in appearance.

This tiny perfecto is no match for the sheer power of the Xikar, clipping just a bit off of the well executed triple cap, I also clipped a bit off the foot, just to make lighting a bit easier.

Prelight draw is just right, with a nice aroma of coffee and semi-sweet cocoa.
Lit with a dual torch, a bit overkill, but it was the closest lighter on hand. No problem!

Right off the bat, I'm hit with a fairly strong, spicy, thick cloud of smoke. carrying with it the coffee and cocoa from the prelight. After about 1/4", the spice settled back into pace with the other flavors, balancing out very well, with a wonderful dark tobacco sensation. Very nice.
The cigar stayed on this track well into the second third, where, as with most cigars of this shape, the fun really begins, picking up body at a steady pace, but never harsh or bitter.
Final third it did tend to get a bot hot, and I had to slow down a bit. A quick purge and rest fixed this nicely though. Final third is pure fine tobacco, with the coffee stepping to the side just slightly.

Overall, I can't say enough about this little cigar! Availability is one severe drawback. From the Hoffman House website, I found only ONE retailer that provided pricing, but I suppose that's nothing a quick phone call wouldn't solve... a call I will be making very soon, indeed!

Big THANK YOU to Cinda for hooking me up with a pair of these exquisite cigars, a finer Sister of the Leaf you will not find