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    Default Bobalu's Texas Select

    -----shamelessly stolen directly from Bobalu's site-----
    Bobalu's Texas Select Cigars

    Texas select is our signature brand. All Texas Select cigars are rolled by our most experienced rollers. We use only finest aged Dominican filler, a beautiful Sumatran wrapper and triple cap them to perfection. All tobacco used is aged for a minimum of Five (5) years. This unique and extremely mild taste is reminiscent of the cigars bought home to smoke by the maestro torcedors of old Havana. Watch "Live"
    -----end of stolen verbage-----

    Corona 44 x 6.5

    Let's start with the label... Beautiful! The cigar.. Gorgeous! The pre-light smell.. wonderful and not strong at all.

    Dominican rolled fresh Texas Select from Bobalu's. These smokes are wonderful Dominican Puros
    rolled fresh here in downtown Austin, TX. on 6th street. They have a great deal on the yearly membership. You do not have to have a membership to smoke in the shop is what I like. The membership is a yearly fee for discounts. It is one of my favorite places to go have a smoke. They have a coffee shop inside and no fee smoking and coffee made on the spot. You can watch the rollers from the link above. I will take some pics of Bobalu,s and maybe post a thread in the "Indian statue" section.
    This cigar is semi-sweet and medium bodied and very very smooth... just wonderful. It is not harsh AT ALL. Honestly, I can not tell what flavors are in this smoke except tobbacco... GREAT tobbaco. =)

    Ok I will give it a shot... wake up palette... having one with coffee this morning.

    First 1/3
    Actually, it has a hint of nut and tobbacco flavor meshed together with the flavor of the Sumatran wrapper
    is really good.

    Second 1/3
    I taste a little stronger smoke now. The first 1/3 was mild to medium starting the second 1/3 is a little stronger and the tobacco comes out more, still semi-sweet. Just wonderful. The ash is beautiful.
    ok now the acidity kicks in.. just enough too. Wow. Ok maybe a strong medium now. But oh so smooth and delicious. This Dominican tobacco is top notch brothers. This second third definitely brings out a medium bodied acidic smooth semi-sweet smoke with tons of tobbaco flavor. The Sumatran wrapper is very tasty.
    Natural flavor... smooth like an ISOM for sure. Lots more smoke now as the second third comes to an end. So very nice.

    Third 1/3
    Lots of smoke starting at the end of the second 1/3 and on.
    Getting a little stronger , heavy acidic and tobacco flavor now. Nutty and milk chocolate (not a dark chocolate for sure) and smooth yet full on medium bodied... . DAMN this is smooth. That's it... I will be buying these in quantity. I will wait until I catch them rolling a fresh batch too! Nuttiness galore and great tobacco flavor! You have to try a few of these for sure.

    Don't be scared of the "semi-sweet"... it is just enough. I am not a fan of sweet cigars and this one is surely not too sweet at all. In the third 1/3 the slight sweetness is pretty much gone anyways.

    This Dominican fresh roll is one SMOOTH tasty smoke. Well worth trying. See ya next time!

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