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    Default Bobalu Fresh Roll

    Bobalu Fresh Roll
    91 Aged Dominican : Vintage Label

    Beautiful dark brown wrapper. First hit tastes out of this world. full strength, full bodied cigar from hit one. Sumatran wrapper very nice. Dominican binder and filler, 1991. This is the toro size that I am smoking. Very woodsy. very very woodsy, leaves a slight sting in your mouth the cigar is strong. could be the wrapper too. I will have to say this again this is one beautifully constructed cigar. I have watched their best roller roll several times, and on many occasions he has rolled me one while I stood and watched. A spice explosion. As soon as he would hand it to me I would fire it up. The particular roller that I like, started rolling when he was ten in Cuba, , and he is now well into his sixties, been rolling for over fifty years, Armando. Spicy and strong. It is so cool to watch him roll, a true master at his craft. This is what I think badwhale means when he says musky. TONS OF BILLOWING SMOKE ( insert billowing smoke picture here). Going really well with my cappuccino mmmmm WOW you know what let me tell you what happened, i am only at the one inch mark, and it has already mellowed out. you know that stingy strong spicy I told you about at the beginning, wow it has toned down several notches, the ash is simply flawless, I do not know how the ash could be flawless, but it is, insert picture of ash here. Just look what I mean though, look over here baby beautiful medium gray, with lighter flecks running in it. I cannot believe that spice just damn near went away, spicy bomb right at the tip and then it went away and got super smooth just unreal how it changed right there. The tobacco feels good between my teeth. I cannot get over how beautiful this ash is. This is real satisfying. Damn this ash. Oh my GOD look at these two pictures.

    The ash finally fell after two inches. Insert ash picture here.

    The second third is really good, about half way through the cigar now and the tobacco is starting to get a little stronger, woodsy and nutty full bodied. I am looking for a cocoa or chocolate taste, but it is not happening. It is getting a little bit leathery here, and just a small tiniest tad you can imagine of sweetness. Like the kind of sweetness you would expect when you were eating some kind of nut like Macadamia. Nose exhale five stars period. I am at the half way mark right now spot on, boy this wrapper is beautiful, Insert wrapper picture here. just so you can see how absolutely beautiful this wrapper is. You cannot beat these man. I re-upped my one year membership to Bobalu's a few weeks ago. I love this Cuban espresso they serve there. I like this movie. Hey guys I am dictating, so I put that in, we are watching what women want. Thank god i have a fiance you can type like the wind, and who loves to do this with me. acidic, well into the second third the tingle is on my tongue again. Not spicy like the first inch, just turned acidic and full flavored right now, if that is possible it is already a full bodied cigar. a little past the half way mark. Nose exhale is damned exquisite. I am starting to get just the slightest hint of chocolaty goodness, the perfect amount to compliment this smoke. This gentlemen is an amazing cigar. I know that aging a cigars a good thing and to let them rest and settle down, but if you have never smoked a fresh roll you are missing something. it is another dimension. Especially Bobalu's they use excellent tobacco, i am not sure where they get their wrappers from not sure if it is Dominican, but I have never heard them say anything different. The draw on this cigar is five stars, perfect. I am approaching the end of the second third, and I am feeling the chocolate a little more, still watching the movie, and I am going to finish this cigar , eat dinner, and then play the guitar. Took a kick ass ride on the Harley today. again the ash is gorgeous, only dumped the ash once and it is developing into another beautiful ash formation. smoking one of these is definitely an event, and lucky am I that I am fifteen minutes away twenty tops from Bobalu's. Just the right amount of sweetness going on, for those of you that don't like sweetness, do not be afraid to try this cigar. because it is just enough but just a tad, not a sweet cigar at all, just a tad. Man this cigar is great this is great Anna. This cigar tastes good in your mouth big time, I love the quote from Archie Bunker, I love the way the tobacco feels between my teeth! i am approaching the end of the second third, and enjoying myself thoroughly, Mel Gibson is cracking me up in the bathroom scene. This being a toro, I cannot believe I have only had to dump my ash once. I am at the end of the second third, and this ash that is developing now is prettier than the first, i cannot believe I have only had to dump my ash once. for anyone who enjoys the aesthetics of the cigar and the ash in general will certainly enjoy this whole experience. I taste heavy nuts now. Nutty flavor, just the right amount of sweetness, and some milk chocolate. not overpowering on the chocolate, it has really turned out to be a smooth smoke. I have probably smoked about fifty of these same cigars fresh rolled 1991 Dominican, Sumatran wrap, this could be a Dominican puros(CONFIRMED = Dominican PUROS), I am going to ask them where they get their wrappers from. I will take a picture of the ash now so you can see what I am talking about. This has been very enjoyable even though I have smoked fifty or so. just a enjoyable experience. Armando was in top form when he rolled this baby. Rolled especially for me from the crop of 1991 in the Dominican republic. so at this point it has been aged nineteen years. I would assume that has something to do with the taste and quality of this cigar. Mega tons of smoke in the third third, more than the second third it is staying consistent, straight up every hit is wonderful. what a flavor. oh my goodness. this is just a treat and a half, this toro size is right on. Damn Anna this is one good fucking smoke.

    This is gonna be a finger burner, about two inches left of the smoke and the acidy has come back and hit me in a good way this smoke has been changing all the way through, some spice mild I am not good a picking out spices, good amount of spice pretty consistent all the way through except that first inch was a spice explosion. It is actually starting to taste leathery now, that milk chocolate has turned into a dark chocolate, woodsy and leathery taking over big time. Making the inside of my lips tingle and tongue tingle immediately, spice spice spice. oh wow this is really changing in the last two inches, complex. Third third is SPICY with leathery woodsy under tones, and the spice is taking over again like the first part of the cigar, this is a rather complex stogie, a professional experienced cigar reviewer needs to take a shot at this one. Regrettably I am at the end of this cigar about two hits left, before it is gone.

    This is one of the best cigars I have smoked in several months it was damn near perfect. If you have not tried a Bobalu's fresh roll 1991 Dominican Sumatran wrapper cigar you are missing out. Enter, the end. Beautiful wrapper to the very end. I am going to start keeping these in the humidor all the times, this is definitely a staple to have.

    PS: Since Roger wants to order online here is the link for your convenience:

    See ya next time,
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