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It's a great news for cigar smokers who appreciates thick ring guage. Macanudo has introduced a sixty ring guage cigar to its wonderful line of Macanudo Gold Label, known as THE BRICK.
Macanudo Gold Label Cigars are limited-edition line of Macanudo cigars that adds a new taste to America's best-selling premium cigar brand. The wrapper is Golden Connecticut shade, culled from the first and second primings, the filler is Cuban-seed Dominican and Mexican. Smooth, consistent, and an unusual lemony sweetness that's hard to describe.
Macanudo Gold Label is made at General Cigar Dominicana in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Its defining tobacco is the extra-light, Connecticut-shade cover leaf, which is harvested from the lower portion of a tobacco plant.
Regular MSRP is $215.00
CheaperCigars' Price : $ 168.91
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