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    Oliva Connecticut Reserve Toro

    Overall Appearance and Presentation - 17/20 points

    The smooth golden wrapper has a slight oil and light veins running throughout. The well shaped and nearly seamless cap cut very smoothly leaving a razor straight end on the head. This Oliva exhibits a pleasant aroma of dried grass reminiscent of camping in the open plains of the Midwest.

    Lighting and Burning Properties - 14/15 points

    The cigar lit very well and had a surprisingly even burn throughout with a nearly perfect burn rate. Powdery gray and white ash that extended slightly over one inch before falling off. This cigar creates a large volume of smoke. No re-lighting was necessary.

    Construction - 25/30

    The easy and full draw required only light puffing and remained steady throughout. Throughout the smoke the wrapper remained intact, but the cigar had one slightly soft spot near the cap.

    Taste - 31/35

    The smoke was dense with a great soft texture on the palate. Overall taste was very smooth, but the cigar exhibited a bit more punch than the typical Connecticut shade cigar. Flavors were initially quite mild and toasty with a creamy finish. After the first ten minutes the flavors progressed slightly, and a slight woody spice was noted. Oliva's Connecticut Reserve gave an excellent balance of creamy toast with some spice but was a little short on nuance. Overall, this would be a light-medium bodied cigar.

    Total Score - 87/100 || A very good cigar

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    Thanks for the review.

    The powers that be might take it all away
    Together we burn, together we burn away

    Uncle Tupelo

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    Good to see new guys posting reviews!!!

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    Interesting. Thanks.

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    This Oliva exhibits a pleasant aroma of dried grass reminiscent of camping in the open plains of the Midwest.
    I would never have made that connection.

    Nice review.

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