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Thread: Pipe & Pipe Tobacco Vendor List

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    Default Pipe & Pipe Tobacco Vendor List

    I'm interested in keeping a Pipe & Pipe Tobacco vendor list. The know the search is my friend and all that crap but I have to keep looking through different threads for (mostly Sarge's) posts to find the links in them to different pipe and pipe tobacco vendors. I would like them on in one place. I know in the past vendor reviews were frowned upon for cigar vendors due to the nature of the board, advertising, etc., but I think we can keep a list of links and keep the vendor opinion info in private off the thread.


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    That's what I love to see.

    Badwhale has volunteered to set up the list and maintain it.

    Thanks Bro!

    I'll take the responsibility to keep the list and update it, no problem. What I want from you guys are submissions.

    If that works for you. PM you lists. I'll take care of the rest.

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    I can usually find anything I need at

    I've honestly never bought tobacco anywhere else!

    Feel better now?
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    Default Great selection and tobacco prices Good pipe selection Great tobacco selection and great prices

    Not affiliated with any of these merchants though I have shopped with each of them multiple times.

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    Default vender tabaco

    Tengo que vender tabaco - cualquier cantidad.
    Todas las especies!
    Marlboro, Virginia y muchos otros.
    La mercancía es de calidad superior!

    ESPECIAL NAVIDAD! 35 euros / kilogramo + gastos de envío

    Convocatoria y orden: 698-503-258

    ***35 Euro*** 35 Euro***35 Euro***35 Euro***35 Euro***

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    If you're a Canadian I know my favorite B&M in Edmonton, AB (Burlington on Whyte) has a nice selection of pipes, tobaccos and accessories.
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