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  1. Exclamation FAKE CUBAN CIGARS and COMPANIES ??? READ...

    Dear Friends,
    I am a member of Cigar Aficionado's member and I want to say something that very important.

    these sites are the same company (not legal company)and fake sites.
    The A. Y. from Kirgistan is the owner, they are located in San Jose, Costa RIca. He owns all of these sites.
    All operating in Costa Rica in the same facilities and dealing only with counterfit cigars hand rolled in Costa Rica with nicaraguan tobacco.
    I haven been in his warehouse watching how cigars were labeled with fake rings and boxes before getting shipped.
    BEWARE because they are also using client’s credit card information in order to make ficticious charges in his brother’s Online Pharmacy.

    ALL these sites are the same company (not legal company)and fake sites.

    1) Look at their advertisement photos. The same photos.
    2) Look at their sending email time. The time is the same.
    3) Look at their shipping info, it's all the same.
    4) They take their some cigars photos with another online web site.
    5) All their web site's price is just fake. Because their cigars are fake.
    Example; CohÝba Esplendidos (25): $341,00
    it's their price.
    But the original price is $397,00 for company. This price is real price from INTERTABAK A.G or Habanos for their distributors. So if they take it $397,00. how can they
    sell it just $341,00 ?
    Because their cigars made in CostaRica. Not Cuba. And not real Cuban Cigars.
    6) They don't buy their cigars with legal Habanos Distributors. They buy it's from (it's not real and legal company). If they buy their cigars from
    legal Habanos distributors, they have to give this information to all customers. Distributors' name and telephone number. I want to know it.

    I want to say to them.
    Don't bilk The people.
    I Will write their bilk in all cigars forums...
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