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Thread: Thinking about trying pipes but I have a few questions.

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    Default Thinking about trying pipes but I have a few questions.

    So, I have been smoking cigars for a while and I really enjoy it. I like trying to pick out different flavors from them, I like collecting them, I like sharing them with my friends, I like watching reviews and researching them. Lately though, I have taken a step back, and actually wondered how into the actual taste I am. I don't know, I mean I know when I dislike them, and some are better than others, but I might just be into the experience more, considering I can't imagine smoking the same type of cigar over and over, and I haven't been smoking them all of my life or anything, so smoke always makes my tongue tingly and it seems that I stop tasting flavors as much half way through the stick. So anyway, I have always heard about pipe smoking being so easy to enjoy, because of the aromatic flavors and such, so I figured I would look into trying one out, but I have a few questions. First, I am curious how to store the tobacco, do I need a humidor for it? I also am curious what tobacco I should start with. Being a cigar smoker, I feel like the English blends that people talk about wouldn't really be too blan or anything. I get the impression that pipe smokers who smoke aromatic blends are going to be more thrown off by an English blend than a cigar smoker. Kinda like when a 12 year old likes coffee loaded with sugar and cream but then gets knocked on his butt when he tries his dads black roast. That's just the impression I get, I would love input from anyone who knows. Also, is there a good website to order from? Thanks everyone, any answers to my questions or other info for this beginner would be great.

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    No humidor required for pipe tobacco.....mason jars that seal well seem to be the preferred method of storage.
    Here are some vendor recommendations:

    I can't give you any experienced answers to your other questions as I'm still dabbling in the pipe and tobacco's myself. There should be someone here who can help you out though, so I'll bump this thread for ya.

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    The English blends are all about Latakia - you either like it or not, it has nothing to do with strength.

    You should buy a tin of each: English blend, Oriental/Balkan blend and Virginias, and see which one floats your boat. Make sure you buy quality, though. Even the most expensive tins are cheaper than a premium cigar, so don't buy anything cheap.

    You can try aromatic blends, if you like, but I am sure you'll be disappointed and burnt (literally).

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    I've smoked pipes regularly since 1978 when I gave up cigarettes. After trying many different pipes and many different tobaccos, I settled on E.A. Carey pipes as they seemed to be the best at minimizing tobacco bite. My favorite tobacco is black cavendish and Carey had about the best blend I've tried. I now smoke more cigars and maybe 2 or 3 pipes a month. I still smoke black cavendish, but now a cheaper and inferior couple of brands. Captain Black is not one I would recommend as it generally is too moist and a bit nippy.

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