Hello everyone,

New to the forum. I browsed around and you guys have a lot of great info.

I have a question. I am looking to set up a case in a friend of mines Cafe/Bar small maybe 100 stick capacity . It serves as a Cafe in the day when a bunch of the older Italians in town want there espresso, but a small bar at night and on the weekends with a out door patio area. A good buddy of mine owns a
Cigar shop a couple towns over. So he can order me what I want. The question I have is. I want to have a cigar tasting. Pretty much letting everyone know the place will now be selling a small selection of cigars.
But I have never done one or even been to one. Any help or advise on how to do one and what
cigars I should have for it? Another big reason for this is hopefully I can get some feed back from people so I know what to begin to stock.

Thanks in advance for your help.