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Thread: Can you identify what this piece of furniture is?

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    I'm with Doc, looks like oak.
    Congrats to BigBill on the win.

    I bet that thing is uncomfortable as fuck.

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    Even if I'd seen this in time to guess, I'd have never guessed a hide-a-bed.

    That is one wayyyy cool piece of furniture!

    Congrat's Bill and thanks Jamie for the contest
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    It is oak, and it indeed belongs to me and resides in the smoking room. My father brought it back from one of the dilapidated houses on the homestead in Arkansas somewhere around 20 years ago. It was in horrible shape, so he completely refinished it. As far as $$ value the refinishing most likely reduced it significnatly.....but, on the other hand, that is exactly what makes it priceless to me. I'm trying to find more information on it's possible age, origin, and how it got into the family.

    As for the comfort'd probably be surprised. It's not all that bad. That's a feather mattress on it, so it has to be fluffed to distribute the feathers when you first fold it out, but it is definitely comfortable enough for a nap.....if you're under 6' that is.

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    ours looks a lot higher end but I did find this..:)

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    Very nice piece indeed! And you have it in your smoking room...PERFECT! I can see it now:

    Visit Ash, smoke his stash, drink his liquor, and crash all in the same room.....WHAT A GUY!

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    Package recieved looks great Thank's again.

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