Hello everyone,

I come here asking for some guidance for a couple questions a have about applying for a federal tobacco import license.

A little background, my fiance father lives in the Dominican Republic. He also owns a small cigar factory there that makes premium hand rolled cigars. I have recently moved to Las Vegas for my job and we have both decided it would be a good idea to import his cigars and wholesell them to the local business's here.

So I have been doing my research but have a few questions that I am hoping someone here can help me with.

First, if I get my import license do I need to have a wholesale license too? Or does the import license allow me to wholesale my product to other businesses?

Second, where can I find information on the taxes I will have to pay on both the importing and whole sale of the cigars?

Third, anyone have any tips, knowledge, suggestions or anything of the sort that they would be willing to share with me?

Thank you