This will be a non-pictorial thread of an Opus X 2014 TAA (thank you in advance)

date: 01-03-16
drink: Woodford Reserve
tunes: The Who

Prelight: Shark roll of round to square. Nice construction. Huge label. Tastes a little spicy and sweet tobacco.
Draw and light: light nice draw. Easy light.

1st 3rd: Great draw. Just perfect. Spicy, and sweet. Actually, really spicy on the retrohale. Nutty and leathery. This is nice. I saved this for the end of the holiday season so I wouldn't have too much bullshit, or too much shitfacedness going on. Gald I did. Baba O'riley starting now...
Awesome woodsy nutty flavor. Like a cashew flavor. I finished some Knob Creek before, and I think it might have gone better, but this Woodford is holding up. My bench is a mess. Actually my whole basement is a mess, but I'm trying to not see it, otherwise I'll try and clean it up. Still contemplating and puffing on this. Same flavors. Really nice and satisfying. On to the Ash description.

Ash: Thing holds on nice. Look picture perfect. A nice white ash with gray twinges here and there. Holds on for 1 1/2" (voluntary knock off)

2nd 3rd: I'm a little early on this third, so I'm just typing like edgeman. I took some time off this week from drinking and smoking to nurse a cold I had. I was on everything in the medicine cabinet and some antibiotics. I feel a lot better, and after working on the beer fridge/basement arrangement this is a really nice reward. I still have a lot of cleanup to do, but I'm satisfied with the progress. I'm posting that on the blog. We had a sorta nice Christmas. I stressed myself out with all th cooking and getting some xmas presents ready. It all turned out nice, just wish I could get more done sooner to relive the stress from it all. NYE we just came home early and crapped out. I got a lot of good sleep lately. I feel good.
Alright, back to the cigar: A little less spicy, but it's still there a spicy peppery background, but smooth and full body. Nutty roasted cashew flavor. Diggin it. Great draw and great flavor. Bourbon a nice compliment to this.

3rd 3rd: 5:15 from The Who. My bench is a mess. The whole basement is a mess. It will get cleaned up, and I'm looking forward to the dead of winter to get some shit done. Babes is walking an reluctant to stay in any sort of cage. We got a new piano and I'm trying to get back to practicing. Got a Baldwin console from the early 80s and it basically was never played, so we have a brand new piano. I just finished a last sip of the Woodford, and I think I'm going to switch back to beer. Centennial IPA on tap. On to the review:

Lots of the same notes. Woodsy, nutty, spicy flavor. Great draw and burn. Just perfect. Full body, and gives a good spice kick on a retrohale. I can't describe anything more complicated than that. Its just great tobacco taste and flavor complimented by a great burn and draw. That's it.

Overall Impression: Awesome.

Thank you.