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    Hi, everyone. New to the forum, and unfortunately I'm here because my doctor has instructed me to no longer smoke. So...

    My collection is rather modest, and nothing special but I thought I'd offer it here to see if there is any interest. I'd like to sell them but I'm also open to some sort of trade, if that works best. I'd also like to move them all as one lot, but I could also separate them.

    All of the cigars have been aging for between 2-3 years, for the most part. The ones in tubes have been in my humidor but still in the tubes (not sure if that matters or not). The temp has been steady at 68 degrees and the humidity has been slightly variable, but in the range of 68-70 degrees.

    Here is the list of what I have left:

    La Gloria Tubos (5)
    Romeo Rothchilde Tubo (13)
    Romeo Reserve Titan Tubo (20)
    Montecristo Magnum Glass Tubo
    Montecristo Kilimanjaro Glass Tubo
    Los Blancos Sumatra Torpedo (17)
    Los Blancos Sumatra (6)
    Siglo Maduro (4)
    Hoyo Cedro (4)
    Montecristo Reserva Negro (4)

    Paradigm System Small

    75 cigars

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