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    Just curious if anyone else notices that when smoking in the winter when RH is lower outside. That your cigars burn and taste better when kept lower rh in the humidor? I normally stay around 68-70 in summer but winter it seems better to keep them at 63-65. Is it just me or is there something to that? Just wondering if anyone else has this issue.

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    Not an issue, more a tip. I store and smoke mine at 65-66

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    Like Will I store at around 65% RH

    Winters here are normally very dry and that affects my humidor causing the RH to drop a few degrees without me touching the humidifier. I find my humidor is running at 63% on average lately. I actually just cranked it up a couple notches this morning so it'll hit 65% again. However, having done so, I know one fine morning I'll check and it'll be closer to 70% and I'll have to dial it back. Our RH goes up and down quite drastically here at times and that means I'll be checking RH daily (pain in the butt) all winter long unless the RH outside stabilizes for a period of time.

    As for smoking, I find they taste pretty much the same to me winter or summer. As long as I'm keeping the humi around 65% they burn pretty much the same too.

    I varied from 75% to 65% RH over the course of about 2 years trying to find my optimum setting. I would leave my humi at each setting for a few weeks to a couple months to test. 65% seems to work best for me up here in the Great White North.
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    I think I will try 65rh year round. My temp stays 65-70 year round. Thanks guys.

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    Yep, my RH preference is anywhere from 60-65% year 'round. I let the cooler jump up a bit for the long-term storage stuff, if it wants to....but I'm not nearly as interested in those 1-2 or even 5% swings as I used to be. Only gauge I have is in the cooler and I glance at it every couple of months or so if I remember. I just eyeball the beads in everything else.

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