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Thread: Romeo Y Julieta Medallas De Oro 1875

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    Default Romeo Y Julieta Medallas De Oro 1875

    Hopefully I got the spelling right from memory.

    Anyway, I've enjoyed the RYJ Maduro Reserve in the past, but never got around to trying these. A very nice medium bodied cigar with a medium brown oily wrapper. I'm not sure what leaf is used to wrap it, but there was no tooth to it. This cigar had a flawless appearance and burn. It tasted better than I expected. A nice subtle sweet flavor hidden in moderately spicy and abundant smoke. It was a real pleasure to smoke this. I'll be getting more.

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    My friend pick me up one of these when she was down in the Dominican last week. Anyhow looking them up last night I see the cigars are cheaper on line here. I just though over all they are a great buy here and a sounds like a decent cigar. Just thought I pass this one for anyone that might enjoy the cigar.

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