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Thread: Compilation of Cigar Smokers Rules and Regulations

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    Default Compilation of Cigar Smokers Rules and Regulations is a friendly community of like minded brothers (& sisters) of the leaf and is generally self moderated. Moderators work at the will of the community, and only take action necessary to ensure the stability of this forum. The site owner (Hex1848) has created general "rules" for this community. They are not all encompasing, but do address those situations which cannot be tolerated on CigarSmokers:

    SPAM Policy
    • Multiple posts or threads with the same or similar content are not permitted.
    • Bots, scripts, or any technological mechanism used to post messages or PM users are not permitted.
    • Cigar related advertisements are permitted in the Market Place forum. If its not cigar/tobacco related, then don’t post it.

    Violators of this policy are subject to suspension, banning, and/or legal action. Violators of this policy forfeit any rights to privacy - Your name, mailing address, email address, IP address, phone number, ISP, and any other identifying information which we acquire (through any method) may be made public here and elsewhere.

    Policy on Cuban Cigars is owned and operated in the United States and Cuban cigars are illegal. Black market wares bring nothing but trouble. As such - the sale or trade of Cuban Cigars (ISOM’s) are not be discussed on this board. Please do so in private. If you would like to discuss an experience or post a review about a Cuban cigar, that is fine so long as it does not involve buying, selling, or trading with in the United States.

    As soon as it becomes apparent that the trade embargo has been lifted this ban will be removed.

    Policy on Political and Religious Discussions
    Political and Religious Discussion is not allowed at It only leads to trouble. Members discussing Political and Religious topics are subject to being banned.

    Policy on Racist remarks, views, and statements
    This is not the place to express derogatory views or remarks. Members making any statements based on race, religion, culture or sexuality are subject to being banned.

    Policy on Duplicate Accounts
    Duplicate Accounts are not permitted. Anyone caught signing up duplicate accounts is subject to immediate banning (yes - your main account will be banned too).

    Banning Policy
    Since this is a member moderated community, these are the ground rules for the banning of a user.

    • A Private Message must be sent to an Admin for review.
    • If the Admin deems the situation to be a banable offence - a poll will be created.

    The poll options will be as follows:
    • Permanent ban
    • 7 (or 30) day suspension (some situations may warrant 30 days)
    • No ban

    • A 51% majority must rule in favor of the ban.
    • At least 10 "senior" members (more than 100 posts) must vote in the poll for results to be valid.
    • The poll will be open for voting for 24 hours.
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