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Thread: Black and Milds Bad?

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    Question Black and Milds Bad?

    I have always smoked good quality cigars with my Dad, Probably for the last 2-3 years. It's a Dad and Son thing me and him have in common (I'm only 17). We like to shoot the shit and smoke cigars.

    I have recently started smoking Black and Milds in between getting good cigars with my dad. I was at a party a week or so ago, and someone caught me inhaling them (Which I do, all the time) and they were totally astonished that I inhale Black and Milds. He said it was like smoking 8 Ciggarettes. Is this true? How bad is it for me to inhale Black and milds, would it be better to smoke Cigarretes per say?

    Thanks alot for reading.
    And thanks alot for your advice. Helps alot.
    If you can please respond asap.
    Sorry for any typos.

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    If youíre inhaling black and milds, your pretty much doing the same thing to your lungs as you would be smoking cigarettes (if not worse). Your talking about thick processed tobacco (almost paper) rolled around your processed tobacco filler. Anytime you add any sort of processing to the tobacco you get all sorts of nasty additives which you are inhaling when you breathe in. Granted I smoke blackís every now and then, and yes I do inhale most of the time when I smoke them but I would much rather have a good cigar to smoke (which I donít inhale)
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    There's nothing wrong with enjoying the blacks & milds as an everyday smoke. There are some mixed-fil domestics that I still enjoy on occassion. To each his own I say. Though I'd argue that your taste will definitely change after you have some more time smoking.

    In regards to inhaling, cigars are "better" than cigarettes health wise since cigar smokers don't inhale and keep the crud out of their lungs for the most part. That, coupled with the fact that cigar smokers tend to start the habit when they are older, leads to lower death rates and other favorable statistics. You'd be better off smoking cigars and not inhaling, than you would be smoking cigarettes. Yes, inhaling cigars is worse than inhaling cigs, but as stated, you can take care of that.

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    Like state before, both black&milds and cigarettes are loaded with chemical additives (Unlike a good hand rolled cigar). The difference is that B&M's don't have a filter. I think that makes some difference. I don't know if 1=8 but I think that 1 B&M is worse than 1 cigarette.

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    Although I used to smoke cigarettes up until Dec 9, 2001, I could never see myself intentionally inhaling cigars. The cigar tobacco is not as bad for you considering that they add no additives to the tobacco. If the cigar you are inhaling (Black & Milds) is a processed tobacco..... Just consider this: these are the additives that "Marlboro" reports that they add to their tobacco: Marlboro

    Now here is a list of all the approved additives that the federal goverment says are OK to use : Cigarette Additives

    Just something to consider the next time you inhale a processed tobacco

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