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  1. It really ticks me off when...

    you blow a timing belt and it ruins an engine. Damn new-fangled Interference motors suck!
    Beware. Never buy a car with an interference motor. If you lose a timing belt then you probably have damaged valves and cylinder walls, etc.

    I was driving peacefully down the road to go have a smoke at Fumee's and stock up my new locker when all of a sudden, in a matter of seconds, my car dies. It felt like I ran out of gas... hmmm a full tank... It also felt like it does sometimes when ...
  2. My fiance' is starting to really like...

    taking a hit off my cigars! Yes, it's true! More and more lately she is asking to take a hit from my cigars you pervs! Seriously, she liked the RP Fusion MM-green label a lot while I did not care for it too much. Most of the time we like the same thing.. sometimes she doesn't care for the stronger smokes that I like, say for instance... The Edge Maduro Toro, but she is moving along quite well. I am proud of her. I am going to buy her some Illusione Cubanos 32's.

    She even went to the ...

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  3. I misssed out on this deal...

    If you like antiques you will like this...
    Old World globe with hidden mini-bar and humidor.

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  4. Gurkha Nepalese Warrior

    Wow, what a smoke. I have (HAD) two of these. The next one I will review.
    This is my first one of these . My favorite Gurkha so far I do believe.

    Nice and dark, toothy and sexy.
    The construction is top notch here...


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  5. A new hangout...

    A couple of days ago I went to a local shop here called Fumee Cigars and was impressed. No membership required to sit and smoke in the lounge or at the bar. The lounge has nice large leather furniture and plenty of room to relax and smoke. The bar is also large and they serve coffee etc, beer and wine. You can BYOB for the hard stuff. Nice and roomy and a relaxing atmosphere.

    The locker and membership fee, if you desire, is only 20 bucks a month and you get a free cigar every month ...
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