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  1. Witches

    There were voices coming from my garage where I have an efficiency apartment that I occasionally rent to unsuspecting drifters. The girl who resides out there now seemed nice enough until last night. I walked past and could see several cars in the street and as I approached the garage I smelled incense and saw the flickering of candles. So naturally I decided to invade her privacy to investigate. I entered through a door within the storage room and quietly looked in. It was what I could only ...

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  2. Fark and Friends

    I was just relaxing the other night when who should arrive for a visit.....Fark. He had brought a young lady with him and she wondered if it would be alright if her dog came in. I agreed and hinted around that perhaps she and her dog could initiate some sort of "performance" for Fark and myself. She eventually agreed and I cleaned up afterwards. Still feeling a bit tense I lit a Macanudo and reflected upon what I just experienced....and YES, Fark went home after the show.
  3. Yardwork Part 2

    I had not thought ahead too far on this impulse. All I've heard for the last 20 minutes is, "HELP ME, PLEASE DON'T KILL ME, I'M COLD!!!!! Now THIS is where it gets unbelievable. My neighbor has some tree limbs that need to be carried to the street. So in exchange for his freedom, my recent captive has agreed to work for Tom. All this activity has led me to the humidors. Time for a Graycliff 1666. I'll be watching....
  4. Yardwork

    A guy came to the front door and asked if there was any yard work he could do. I accompanied him down the driveway to the backyard. It was easy to get the bag over his head quickly and there wasn't much noise coming from him. I managed to get him down into the basement from the backyard entrance. Getting him chained to the wall was more difficult. I won't go into detail.....then it was time for a smoke. A Hoya de Monterrey seemed just the ticket.
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