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  1. Good to hear old chap...glad I wasn't holding my breath for that response! June? You gots to love me more then that my friend :(
  2. Hey there!!! Doing much better these days - getting around without the aid of crutches, canes or other old people crap. It's not hurting as bad as it did a while back - and even been doing some traveling for work!!! I hope all is well with you!
  3. Glad to hear your not getting worse! Hugs Good thoughts your way...:)
  4. I'm doing well. Slow but sure. Been walking and going to physical therapy. Bottom line - Wish it was all better, but glad it's not worse! Thanks for checking in!
  5. Hey
    How are you feeling these days?
  6. Happy 4th of July!
  7. Happy New Year!
  8. How come you are always here in stealth mode? I spy you GG..Lmao
  9. GG if your worried about that pop up tent blowing away in the windy city what about a two man swing with a top on it? You could sit relax even in the rain and swing away smoking your stogy. I used to have one in my yard it was my meme but it broke. I should of repaired it. Very nice thing to have.
  10. well when its over come to chat here please...haven't you heard of tivo? geeeee
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