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Odd night last night.

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I guess I'm just writing this, cause I needed to tell someone, lol.

Last night (Thursday), my G/F and I were sitting on the couch, watching TV, and I was enjoying a smoke. All of a sudden there was some guy pounding on the glass of my front door and screaming. I think I jumped straight up two feet in the air from where I was sitting.

I looked through the front window, and saw just the one guy out there, so I opened the door, ready to tear into him, when I saw he was holding his head, and he was covered with blood. He was yelling different itterations of , "3guys, tried to kill me, I'm gonna kill them, help me"

I called 911, and got the guy to sit in one of my patio chairs, and calm down a little bit, so I could talk to him, and ask him questions from the 911 operator. He kept getting up and running down the street in both directions, screaming, "I'm gonna kill them". It was like this until the deputies arrived. He'd get up and run, I'd get him to sit back down, then he would get up and run again. He was running when the deupties arrived, and they brought him back to my place.

They finally got the whole story out of him. Turns out, he was walking his bicycle home from his friends house, where he had been drinking (pretty heavily by the smell of things), when 2 or 3 guys blindsided him in the dark, kicked the crap out of him, and left him there. He came to my house because it was the only one with a light on.

As the deputies left with him, one of them asked if they needed to come back and talk to me, would I be up. I told him yes, untill 1 or so, and that was the last thing I heard from them.

The cigar I was smoking was just okay, so no big loss at not finishing it.

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  1. cinda's Avatar
    Sounds pretty scary. About 4 years ago my husband wanted to make himself a sandwich about 11 pm and there was no bread. So he took a ride to the 7-11 thats just 2 Min's from the house. When he got back he said you should probably call the police. I said why? He said a kid is sleeping on the highway out side the house. Now I do not ask questions because this is my husband give shit attitude making his sandwich and me running out side in my night clothes to save the day. The kid was passed out just over the bike lane marker. Long story short me and my night clothes got a lot of cars to not really it just sounds good but a lot of cars did stop and the kid woke out of his stupor and drunk out of his mind he ran away. The police got there 5 Min's after he ran away. Thats pretty much the scariest story I have that has to do with a stranger at my house. I also pray it stays the scariest story! Hope all is well..thanks for sharing!