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I may be late to the party.....

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After a couple years of being unable to spend time in any local B &M, thanks to a shift in my financial status, I began visiting all I could.
I was absolutely shocked that upon entering every cigar store in the Milwaukee area, I'd be the only person in there who wasn't an employee. I tried different hours and different days. Nothing.

And even more shockingly, the sales person was a college student picking up some part time work....instead of an owner or a knowledgeable sales person. Any question asked came back with a quizzical look and, "I'm sorry."
One of these kids told me that the owner was in the midst of selling his store.

In the time I was gone, the stores emptied. It became a time that loyalty to our local B & M became a non priority. CI's "1 Day Deal" became our salesperson.
I had so looked forward to the camaraderie that I enjoyed a few years ago.

The economy is in a deep hole. The dumb ass talking heads, back in 2009, said we'd bounce back in a couple of years. I remember telling my wife that they were full of shit and it would take 5-10 years. Now I think I missed the mark. I believe it will take closer to 20 years before we see the financial good times of the 90's again. But without the deregulation.

I did not do any research about this. I have no idea if this is happening anywhere else. I hope not.
It seems that my social life hinges on the assholes in D.C. I'm screwed.

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