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Jump Spark Lighter

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About 10 years ago I wandered into a cigar shop in Chicago and purchased a cigar. I can remember asking him for matches, he asked me if I was going to go ahead and smoke and fliped open this big stationary lighter that now take to be a Jump Spark Lighter. Anyone have any information on them?? What fuel or oil do they burn?? From what I have found online they were made around 1930's.

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  1. Ashes2Ashes's Avatar
    The Midland Jump Spark Lighter was patented in 1909 by Davenport mfg co in Iowa. Being that age the fuel was probably gasoline, kerosene, or naphtha. Butane was around back then but wasn't used in lighters until the 50s. Batteries were used in these to create the spark. Great collector's item if you can find one.

    Since you're in Chicago, there was also the Flors De Americanos jump spark lighter, America Consolidated Cigar Co. Chicago.
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