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New(er) car

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Tried to buy a new(er) car this past week. Gave the dealership a deposit only to have them call me back two days later to tell me that they sent one of their monkeys out to get it detailed and he smashed it up by REAR ENDING someone.

There is absolutely no excuse for rear ending someone. I hope to hell they fire his stupid ass.

I told them if they can fix it, I'm still interested.

Here's a link to the listing

I saved a couple of the photos so when it goes away, I'll replace the link with some of the photos.

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  1. badwhale's Avatar
    Nice to see you on the blogs!
  2. badwhale's Avatar
    Also, Bill, accidents happen, and while I agree with you that most rear ends are the result of poor driving, you just never know. For example, one time, the brakes went out on my 93 ranger, coincidentally right at the only red light in town. Now, someone could have been in front of me, but they weren't. I limped it home in low gear an back alleys.
  3. CoventryCat86's Avatar
    Well I suppose accidents happen but these days, odds are the guy was playing with his toy phone....

    The car was absolutely beautiful with only around 50K miles.

    I found another one in Kansas, a 2008 instead of the 2006 that was right outside of Chicago. George told me he'd check it out for me if need be. This one has 120K on it, the pictures look just as good as the Chicago one and it was $1,000.00 less for a car that's two years newer so who knows, maybe it all worked out for the best.

    I was kinda looking forward to keeping the "series" ( xxx6, xxx6, xxx6) going since the one in my avatar is a 1986 XJ6 and I also have a 1996 XJ6 VDP. This 2008 X-Type is for my wife.

    I supposedly bought the one in Kansas but until I actually see it in my yard, I'm not counting my chickens yet.....

    Jamie said he'd help me out if the Kansas City area dealership needs uh, a little "help" or "encouragement"...

    Thanks Jamie and George!
    Updated 05-03-2017 at 10:00 PM by CoventryCat86
  4. CoventryCat86's Avatar
    Car arrived on 5/17, exactly ten years to the day that I bought the 1996 XJ6 in Virginia. Looks and runs great! Only two owners, first owner purchased the car near St. Louis and the second owner was from a tiny town about 45 minutes northeast of Kansas City. I'll try to post some photos in the near future.
    Updated 05-19-2017 at 11:25 PM by CoventryCat86
  5. badwhale's Avatar
  6. CoventryCat86's Avatar
    LOL! Was going to post some photos but now that PhotoBucket is engaging in extortion, I'll have to figure out something else.

    Entered the car in a Jaguar show in June, it did far better than I expected, scored a 99.52.

    I plan on entering it in another show the 2nd weekend in August.

    I forgot to mention, the relatively small dealership outside of Kansas City in Kansas was absolutely wonderful, it's called Stuttgart Motorsports in Merriam, Kansas. It's owned by an Italian guy named Flavio who is just plain one of the nicest people you'd ever want to buy a car from. I had a few issues dealing with my local DMV and Flavio isn't one of those guys who once you pay him he'd just as soon forget about you, he got right back to me and helped me out a great deal with everything I asked him for.

    If you do a street view in Google for Stuttgart Motorsports, the Google camera was there sometime late last year and you can see my car in the parking lot, LOL! It's black with tinted windows and there are three guys out in the parking lot looking at/in a Mercedes and my car is immediately to the left of the Mercedes. Sorry, that's the best I can do for a picture at this time.
    Updated 07-19-2017 at 11:11 PM by CoventryCat86
  7. badwhale's Avatar
    I see it!!!! That's awesome.

    Yeah, there's still some good people in the world.
  8. CoventryCat86's Avatar
    Car is still doing great. It's the wife's daily driver. Of course since she hardly goes anywhere, it pretty much just sits in the garage. She only put 500 miles on it in the last three months, LOL!