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Thread: Savoy or Diamond Crown and 40 or 90 count

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    So I wanted to get a humidor for my office, I typically don't keep a ton of cigars on hand but like to have a few....currently use some Tupperware but wanted something a bit more presentable in the space but also functional.

    Looking at these two as from what I can gather they are better than some of the budget offerings but not as crazy expensive as some of the high end.

    Wondering if either are any better than the other or if it is more of a coin toss? also debating over getting just a 40 or going big with a 90+ count model understanding that the most I usually have at home is around 10-20


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    IMHO you want to go with something that you will keep around 75% full; makes keeping the RH consistent much easier.
    Most say go bigger than what you "think" you need, but if you've been smoking for awhile and are comfortable with the on hand qty you maintain....keeping it "mostly" full is more important, again, imho.
    I have no real opinion on those two models; you do get what you pay for in most cases though.

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    Thanks, I had two in the past but neither were that good, at most I think I have had like 20 on hand at any time, and even that is a stretch. Both of these models are about the same price give or take $50, difference being the Diamond crown looks a little more finished and has some kind of an aerating rack on the bottom and the Daniel marshall is made in the US with a higher capacity.

    I am also looking at a Daniel Marshall Ambiente 65
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    I have found that once you get the humidor that you manage to fill it over time. It's like magic.

    So I'd say get the 90

    Savoy humidors I believe are contracted by Ashton and made in Ireland (maybe just the "executive" line is) whereas Diamond Crown by JC Newman are made in India or China (I can't recall)

    I hope this helps :thumb:


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